About Us

Optimizing health is our goal, Empowering her is our purpose

TherapeuticsMD, Inc. is an innovative pharmaceutical company exclusively committed to advancing the health of women and championing awareness of their healthcare issues. We develop products to address the unique changes and challenges women experience throughout the various stages of their lives with a therapeutic focus in family planning, reproductive health, and menopause management.

With momentum fueled by the needs of our customers, we combine entrepreneurial spirit and expertise in women’s health to develop novel solutions to advance what is presently available. To learn more about our products, please visit our Products page.

We listen to women and to the professionals who treat them

From pregnancy to menopause, we believe the only way to truly connect with and understand women and their healthcare professionals is to ask questions. Through national surveys and studies, we ask women about their healthcare concerns and current available treatments. We take their insights and turn them into strategies for crafting better solutions for her, for life.

Our dedication to bettering the lives of women, no matter their age or stage of life, is our main focus every single day. But we know we cannot do that alone. So we depend on our partnerships with other dedicated organizations, associations, and advocacy groups to support us as we create innovative solutions for women.

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